School Sessions

Alice Benzie Teaching offers-

  • Whole school Social Skills evaluation and support

By coming in to school and observing classes across the age ranges both during lessons and at break times I can complile a report looking at what is being done well and suggesting areas of social communication and interaction you may want to spend time developing. Alongside the report I will offer practical ideas as to how activities can be included in to the school day, these will be school specific and very much focused on using what you already have available to you.

  • Key stage specific evaluation and support

You may feel that you have a specific Key stage where lots of children appear to be finding social skills tricky; I will spend time in the classrooms and outside at break times to get an overall picture of where the general difficulties lay. At the end of the observation I will produce a Key stage report covering what is done well alongside suggesting areas which need developing. Each class will recieve a more focused report, taylored to their needs.

  • Class specific evaluation and support

Within your school you may have one or two classes where the cohort struggles with their social skills; this maybe at a very basic level e.g. struggling to engage in activities, being unable to share, or it might be at a higher level e.g. unable to self regulate, finding it tricky to accept critisism, not able to maintain lasting friendships. Through observation and discussion I will help to identify which social areas are being well supported and which might need futher development.

The class/classes will recieve a detailed report alongside suggestions of how they might incorporate social skills activities into their classroom

  • Child specific evaluation and support

Some children find social skills very tricky to learn and this can have a massive impact on them and their engaement in the  classroom. I am able to come, observe in  the classroom and at break, spend time alongside them and discuss concerns with staff, parents and if appropriate the child. After this I will write a detailed report looking at the skills the child does have, think about how we can develop these further and see where any social gaps are. Using information gained from the discussions I will work out which areas are most important for the childs immediate development. Activity suggestions will be given and these will be taylored to the child and class needs.

  • Social Skills awareness and training

I am avaliable to deliver whole school general awareness and training sessions either as part of an INSET day or as a twilight session. This will go over the basics of Social communication and encourage all staff to reflect on thier own practices. (2hrs + 30mins set up/ clear up)

If you book any of the above evaluation and support sessions then follow up taylored training sessions are avaliable.

"Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be."  Rita F. Pierson